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A Place of Healing and Growth

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Values: Compassion, Respect, Integrity, Trust

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Meet the Horses
Junzi was rescued from an auction when he was 6 months old. The first horse that Taylor started from the “ground – up,” he taught Taylor as much about communicating with horses as she taught him to communicate with people.
Triple Assault
Trip is a Quarter Horse. His nickname is “the Confidence Builder” – he has helped many first time riders, or those who have suffered a riding accident, build their confidence and learn to trust their horse. A true gentleman, Trip has a heart of gold. His arthritis now prevents him from being ridden, but he has now fully embraced his role as FEEL facilitator. 
Ginny Joe
Ginny is an ex race horse that has a first place at Woodbine to her name. But this thoroughbred has learnt that you don’t always have to run, and her life experiences have given her an amazing insight that she loves to share during FEEL sessions. Her riding days are done due to melanomas in her saddle area. 
This big girl was retired from the Toronto Police Force in 2009 at the young age of 13 due to navicular, arthritis in the hoof. Using natural methods, we have restored her to soundness. We have promised her that she will never again have a bit in her mouth, or a saddle on her back, but that doesn’t stop her from taking part in the FEEL sessions.
Silver Willow's Kai
This little girl loves to show off, and is often the first horse to meet you at the gate. Taken in as a rescue, Kai has blossomed into the prettiest little horse on the farm (but don’t tell the others I said it!) 
Monet is in her 30’s, but someone forgot to give her the memo. This Arabian still runs when walking would do, and her floating trot is beautiful to see. We offered to take her, sight unseen, when we heard there was a 27 year old mare that needed a retirement home.
Born in 1981, miniature horse Carla is one tough cookie. Taken in as a rescue to keep her from going to auction, Carla was a 4H horse before coming to be with us. She adores children and will stand for hours being brushed. And don’t be fooled by her size – the other horses know she’s the boss.
Motor City Smitty
This little "stallion" was rescued from a farm where his only source of food was corn being thrown in the mud. We got Lemmy when he was only 6, but he had not seen other horses for over 3 years. My herd quickly worked with him, teaching him how to properly fit in the herd and behave. We spent time gaining his trust and respect. This little guy is now a big part of our family and his constant court jester attitude keeps us laughing.

Dante is currently the youngest horse on the farm. Born in 2013, at the young age of 2 he was scheduled to be put down. He was emaciated, had crooked legs, horrible feet and abcesses in his jaw. The picture above is just 6 months after he arrived at SWF. He has shown himself to be sweet, kind and wise. With continued massage, overly regular trims and lots of movement, we hope that Dante will be well enough to become a pleasure horse. But even if he can't, he will always have a home with is. 

Meeka is in her 20's. She is a gentle giant, with a kind, soft spirit and beautiful open heart. Due to arthritis, she is unable to be ridden. She is available for adoption to the right home. 
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40 Irvine Road   York, ON  N0A 1R0