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A Place of Healing and Growth

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Values: Compassion, Respect, Integrity, Trust

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Meet the Dogs
Toby is one of the last legal pitbulls and the poster child for why the breed shouldn’t be banned. Loving and sweet, especially to young girls, Toby will win your heart in a minute. Fostered as a 5 week old puppy, we realized that a dog like Toby doesn’t come by often and decided to keep her.
A Nova Scotia Duck Toller, Gov was another foster for the Hamilton Burlington SPCA. He was adopted out 4 times, each time returned because no matter how hard they punished him, he continued to be aggressive. We were asked to foster him to see if he could be rehabilitated to trust people. After 3 months of a combination of training methods, he trusted us, but was not ready to be adopted out to the general public. He was slated to be sent back to Animal Control for euthanasia. Instead, we adopted Gov and continue to work with him.
Ask 10 people what cross breed he is, and you'll get 10 answers - Kujo is a good, old-fashioned mutt. We found him as a 7 week old puppy, abandoned in downtown Hamilton. In the freezing rain, he looked pitiful and terrified. We took him home and worked with him, helping regain his trust and rebuild his confidence. Today, he helps herd the animals, tracks, guards and plays – he truly earns his keep!
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