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Sponsor An Animal in Our Sanctuary
Not all the animals that we come across are adoptable. Some have behavioural issues that make them not safe for the general public. Others have severe health problems that make it so noone else can or will care for them. They include Lily the Pot Bellied Pig, Molly the blind Dexter cow, many of the horses who are no longer able to be ridden due to age, bad backs, or arthritis, Sputnik the Cat, many of the chickens and ducks, and other animals that make up our farm of misfit animals. We love them all and accept them as they are - perfectly imperfect! These animals become a part of our family. 

But there is a cost to caring for animals. When there are behavioural or health issues, there is also more work involved. 

Help us support the animals in our care who have no where else to go. Your money will go towards their feed, treatment and rehabilitation, as well as the larger farm bills that allow us to have a place to care for these animals. Your name will be added to our Donation page and you will know that your sponsorship is allowing us to continue to care for more animals that otherwise would have nowhere to go. 

Below are some animals that need your support:
2007 short haired tabby - $25/month

Sputty was found on the side of the road 7 years ago. He was only a few weeks old, his eyes and nose were sealed shut with mucus, and his coat was matted. He could only walk a tiny circle, unable to straighten out. Taylor brought him home to give him a good place to die. The plan was to put him down in the morning. 

The next morning, he was moving in a slightly bigger circle (about 6 inches in diameter). This was an improvement, but he had distemper and was late stage - it was up to him if he lived or died. The little fighter wanted to live, so we put him on a diet of raw goat milk (milked fresh for him each morning) and raw ground beef. 

Although he is mostly blind and deaf, he can't/won't use a litter box, and his coordination isn't great, Sputty is a survivor. Each year, he seems to do a little better. Maybe we should have named him Benjamin Button. 

 2005 pot belly pig -$50/month

Lily came to us 6 years ago. She was 3 times the weight she should be, diabetic and arthritic. Although very sweet, Lily was so unhealthy that the damage was permanent. 

Lily is now in her final days. She has developed skin cancer, and is starting to lose weight. However, there is no pain, so we will continue to love and care for her until that changes. 

Sanctuary Goats 
Mixed Breed Goats - $50/month

Although most of our goats are on the farm for production purposes, some of them are here as rescues. We believe that most animals consider it an honour and part of their life path to provide nourishment for others animals (human, dog, cat, wild carnivores, etc.) However, in our experience, we have also come across animals that have decided that they do not want to be part of the Circle of Life. 

Sarah and Bruno are 2 such animals. Bruno is Sarah's son. Sarah has made it clear to us that she does not want her children going for meat. We have respected her wish and castrated Bruno so he can stay as a pet. And she has respected us by not giving us any other babies that we need to find homes for. 

Although they can both be very tame when they want to be, they are still too wild to find pet homes for (I blame Sarah's father - a wild Pigmy!) 

Minerva is another goat that is just a pet. Born prematurely, she suffered in her early years. We believe that if an animal has had to suffer, they should not be used for meat. Minerva is tiny and sweet. We have looked for a home for her, but have not had any luck. We are now asking for sponsors to help us care for this little sweety. 
Varying Breeds/Ages - $100/month

High Needs horses (Monet, Lady and Carla) - $200/month

Please go to The Horses page to see their details. 

Monet costs us more each month because she needs extra feed and several supplements to stay healthy in her senior years. 

Lady has Insulin Resistance (IR - diabetes in horses) and navicular. She requires more frequent trims, and special supplements to keep her healthy. 

Carla has a broken knee from when she was a teenager (before we were her caretakers). Although it set, it is crooked and she requires supplements to keep the pain away. Also, due to her age, she now requires special supplements to help alleviate the results of a tumour on her pituitary gland. 


2009 Dexter Cow - $100/month

Molly came to us in 2013. Her owners had to sell their home and were unable to keep her. No one was interested in taking Molly because she is blind. Although tentative at first, we agreed to try her at our place to see if she would fit in. She has, and is now a part of our family, along with her daughter Mootilda (Molly came to us pregnant). 
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