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Values: Compassion, Respect, Integrity, Trust

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Silver Willow Produce

Organic, Fresh, Local, Sustainable – these four words only begin to explain what motivates us as we grow our produce for you. These words are often used by large companies to market their goods – to us they are more than marketing; they are a way of life.
Did you know that vegetables can be labeled as “organic,” even when the seeds were grown by non-organic methods? Did you know that farmers are allowed to use organic Chilean nitrates harvested with no concern for sustainability and at huge environmental costs? Did you know that many “organic” farms produce your organic vegetables using large amounts of plastic covers so they don’t need to weed? These same plastics are made either from petroleum or from non-organic corn, both of which come with a bigger environmental impact than the pesticides and herbicides they are replacing.
Alternatively, our methods improve the soil year over year. Our methods encourage micro-organism, preserve habitat for frogs, toads and snakes to hibernate in and allow for an abundance and variety of floral life. We work with nature, creating eco-systems that naturally keep pests in check. We follow the 3-3-3 rule – a third for eating, a third for seed and a third for nature.  We use lots of natural manure, produced by our very own animals, and supplement this with kelp and other fertilizers that we make on the farm. From starting our plants in peat or clay pots (no plastic!!) to harvesting by hand, we use natural, sustainable methods to produce organic, nutrient dense vegetables and herbs for your family.
Silver Willow Farm – now you know what we mean by Beyond Organics!
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40 Irvine Road   York, ON  N0A 1R0