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Values: Compassion, Respect, Integrity, Trust

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Silver Willow Farm

June Newsletter
Summer is just around the corner! Call now to book your farm tour.
In this addition: FEEL Youth Workshops; Introduction to Horses; Natural Anti‑Inflammatories; 10% off all Organic Pork and Testimonials; and, Update on Jet.
FEEL Youth Workshops – Age 13 - 18
The FEEL Resilience Program combines Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL), the Garden Experience, skills training, and contemplative time in nature to help participants reconnect with their emotions, their senses and their passions.
Benefits include: Self-Confidence                : Teamwork
                         : Compassion                   : Leadership
                         : Trust and Respect           : Physical Activity
                         : Patience                         : Communication
                         : Gratitude                       : Developing Outdoor Skills
                         : Emotional Agility             : Developing Animal Husbandry Skills
                         : Self-Awareness
Date: July 9, 16, 23 and 30, 2012
Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Cost: $300 per participant (includes lunch, materials and snacks)
Maximum of 8 in a group.
We are also still booking private FEEL sessions.
2 hours session: $125.00 plus tax
3.5 hour session including farm tour, garden experience and lunch: $200.00 plus tax
Riding Lessons
Learn to work with horses from the ground up. Our method focuses on mutual respect and mutual trust, communicating clearly and developing self-awareness.
$50 for a one hour lesson or $150 per month for one lesson per week.
Special: Introduction to Horses
4 lessons (one hour each) for $100 – an amazing $25 per lesson! 6:30 p.m. June 7, 14, 21 & 28 (rain date July 5) Call now to book your spot!
Perfect for those just starting with horses or for those that are coming back to it, but are a little nervous. I will teach you how to catch, lead, groom, and tack a horse safely. You will learn how to understand a horse’s body language, and how your body language communicates with a horse. You will also get an understanding of horse psychology – how horses, prey animals, view the world compared to humans.
June Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals Specials
Do you have joint pain? A sore back? Swelling? Try Antiflam, a natural anti‑inflammatory that can help reduce swelling and give you freedom from pain.
Regular Price: $33.60 June Special: $26.00 – over 20% off!
For June Only – 10% off all our Organic Pasture Raised Pork
For a limited time, we are offering our pork 10% off the regular price. Now is a great time to stock up! And for those of you that are on the fence, here's a testimonial from one of our satisfied customers:
I have to share a story with you....the sausages. I have had a terrible struggle with consuming any meats lately (with the exception of skinless chicken). My husband is a huge lover of sausages growing up in an Italian household, and so, of course are the boys. I was nervous to try the sausages, fearing they too would be bothersome to my digestive system. Had them, loved them and wished we had more.... (which we will come and buy more of). I just felt I could share that story with you. I am positive the hearty meats and such less oiliness to them was what made them so wonderful that my body didn't fight with me about them afterwards, lol. Melanie of Caledonia

Feature Rescue of the Month: Update on Silver’s White Jet (Jet)

Thank you everyone for your well wishes for Jet. After herbal treatments, Reiki, Bowen, acupuncture, and much love and attention, he is doing much better. He will never be a riding horse again, but he is comfortable and happy and will stay a part of our family. He has even returned to alpha male of the herd and is ready to join the FEEL program again.
If you are interested in learning more about our rescue program, or want to know what you can do to help, please call.
Taylor Beckett and Greg Black
Silver Willow Farm, A Place of Healing and Growth
Mobile: (905)517-6859

40 Irvine Road   York, ON  N0A 1R0