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Values: Compassion, Respect, Integrity, Trust

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Silver Willow Farm
January Newsletter
Happy New Year Everyone! We hope you enjoyed the holiday season and got some much deserved rest and time with family and friends.
2012 is bringing some changes to Silver Willow Farm. We will still offer our organic produce, but are expanding our services.
Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL)

I am currently completing my FEEL Certification. FEEL uses the horse’s natural ability to mirror and reflect emotions and energy. The horses become our teachers, healers and coaches as we “learn by doing.” This form of learning, also known as implicit learning, provides participants with lasting memories of the lessons the horses teach. Through FEEL, participants are more likely to experience real change in the patterns of behaviour and thought that prevent us from achieving our full potential. Effective for personal development, stress management, improved leadership skills and healing and empowerment, for a limited time, I will be offering 2 hour sessions for free.

Regular Price per Session: $125.00
From January 1 – February 28, 2012: FREE (with obligation to complete evaluation and commitment to 3 sessions completed before May 8)
March 1 – May 8, 2012: $65/session (with obligation to complete evaluation)

Horsemanship and Riding Lessons

Learn how to connect with the horse from the ground up. Develop skills for a mutually respectful relationship based on boundaries and trust without force or coercion.

One lesson/week = $150/month

Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals

As I announced in my last e-mail, we now carry herbal supplements for a variety of your healthy care needs. With all the eating and drinking of delicious, but probably not too healthy goodies over the holidays, why not start the New Year right with a gentle detox? You don’t need to change your diet, or give up coffee or the odd glass of wine. The Omega Alpha supplements support your body with herbs to help it get rid of accumulated toxins.
Our Basic Detox Package includes a Liver Flush and Health Colon Plus ($44.00).
For smokers, or those that live within city limits breathing in the smog, our Detox Basket adds the Lung Flush to the Basic Package ($60.00).
If you are really looking to give your body a jump start, the Whole Health Package is for you. Liver Flush, Lung Flush, Kidney Flush and Healthy Colon Plus work together to detox all your major organs, while the Flax Seed Oil and Vitamin D will give you the added boost you need during the winter months ($90.00)
Omega Alpha carries products to help you get beautiful skin and healthy joints, ease muscle pain, increase energy, improve sexual desire or lessen your partner’s snoring (because we all know that you don’t snore). If you are interested in learning more about the herbal supplements, please give me a call. We can meet to discuss what you are interested in and what products match your needs.


Silver Willow Farm has also taken in rescue horses. Some will be staying with us as part of our FEEL team, others we are looking to rehome.
If you are interested in learning more about our rescue efforts, or what you can do to help, please call. We welcome you to join us on our journey as we work to heal mind, body and spirit for human and animal alike.
Taylor Beckett and Greg Black
Silver Willow Farm, A Place of Healing and Growth
Mobile: (905)517-6859

40 Irvine Road   York, ON  N0A 1R0