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Food as Medicine
At Silver Willow Farm, we are not just organic – we are Beyond Organic. Organic certification bodies still allow practises that we do not believe are necessary, and are still harmful. For example, Rotinol is an allowable pesticide because it is organic, even though it has been shown to cause many severe side effects.
We have found that none of these so called necessary things are necessary. When proper rotation and rest periods are followed with your crops, as well as appropriate companion planting, following the 3, 3 and 3 rule (a third for eating, a third for seed, a third for nature) and a devotion to working with nature instead of trying to conquer it, we have found that we rarely have a pest problem. On the rare occasion when a pest problem does occur, we accept the loss, instead of doing more harm to the overall health of our farm to save one crop for one year. As an added bonus, these practises lead to produce that is more flavourful. Go figure!

We follow the same principals with our livestock – a natural diet, coupled with a natural lifestyle and selecting animals for breeding that naturally do better has created a herd that is healthy, happy and produces nutrient dense meat. All our animals have 24/7 access to fields and shelters, free choice natural salt and free choice kelp. They are allowed to live as a family, and weaning is done when the mother decides it is time. Our fields are allowed periods of rest, and a variety of vegetation is encouraged so that the animals have access to the variety of nutrients they offer. This practise alone is uncommon amoung many farms, where the belief is that you should only have timothy and alfalfa in your pasture. Imagine the nutrients and natural medicines so many farm animals must go without – and these nutrients are then not available to your family.

Added to this, we use a local small family run slaughter house and butcher, Hanson Meats in Cayuga. Not only is our meat good for the environment and good for your health, it is also good for our local economy!

It is believed that food today contains only 60% of the nutrient value that it had 25 years ago. Here at Silver Willow Farm, we are committed to producing vegetables, herbs and meat that Grandma and Grandpa remember – rich in flavour, rich in colour and rich in vitamins and minerals. The only way to true health is to give your body what it needs to heal, replenish and restore.

Silver Willow Farm – Food as Medicine – Food as it was Meant to Be!

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