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Silver Willow Farm
February/March Newsletter
Over a month into 2012 already! I can’t believe how fast time is going. Don’t let the winter blahs get to you – spring is just around the corner!
In this issue: FEEL; February Omega Alpha Pharmaceutical Specials; Naturally and Pasture Raised Meat (YUMMY PORK!!); Feature Rescue
Thank you to everyone that is taking advantage of the FEEL sessions. I hope you are finding them as inspiring as we are. If you haven’t tried it yet, don’t miss out! All our free sessions are booked, but until May 8, 2012, we are offering 2 hour sessions half off!!
Regular Price per Session: $125.00
March 1– May 8, 2012: $65/session

February Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals Specials
Last month, we shared special prices for you to detox. This month, why not offer the same opportunity to your pet.
Our Basic Pet Detox Package includes a Liver Tone and Para-Free ($12.00 for a small pet (under 20 lbs), or $42.50 for multi-pet or large animal households).
Complete Pet Detox Basket adds the Lung Tone, Kidney Tone and Healthy Pet to the Basic Package ($30.00 for a small pet (under 20 lbs), or $112.00 for multi-pet or large animal households).
Whole Health Pet Package is a great boost for rescue pets, older animals going through a rough patch or for animals that only get kibble. ParaFree, Liver Tone, Lung Tone, Kidney Tone, Healthy Pet and Probiotic 8 Plus work together to ensure all your pets organs are working optimally. OptiPet Multi and Shiny Coat will give the extra vitamins and minerals your pet needs to look and feel their best. ($80.00 for a small pet (under 20 lbs), or $200.00 for multi-pet or large animal households).
Got the 100 day cough? Why not beat it with Herba Cough – a natural cough remedy comprised of five Traditional Chinese Medicinal herbs. It is very effective in calming coughs due to colds and flu or due to irritation of the throat caused by chronic smoking. Herba Cough is also very soothing to the throat and helps as an expectorant to remove phlegm. Herba Cough is completely alcohol free and can be used by children and adults.
Organic, Pasture Raised Meat
At this time, we have a limited amount of goat meat left (the lamb sold out FAST!!) and will be selling it 20% off the listed price to make room in the freezer. We have also just picked up our pasture raised pork from the butcher – give it a try and you’ll be converted forever! Our pigs are raised with 24/7 access to the outside. The sow nests naturally, not in a farrowing pen. The pigs are given a natural diet, foraging in the field and getting a variety of plants and vitamins - which are now available for your family. 
Feature Rescue of the Month: Monet
A 27 year old Arabian, Monet has come to our farm to enjoy retirement. She was originally bred on Wayne Newton’s farm, and has spent her life showing and teaching students how to ride, as well as a couple of years as a brood mare. However, at her age, noone wanted a "mooch" that was no longer of any "use." We accepted her to the farm sight unseen, knowing she needed a place to call home in her autumn years. She is beautiful and sensitive, and is already very curious about what our FEEL program has to offer. 
If you are interested in learning more about our rescue program, or want to know what you can do to help, please call.
Taylor Beckett and Greg Black
Silver Willow Farm, A Place of Healing and Growth
Mobile: (905)517-6859

40 Irvine Road   York, ON  N0A 1R0