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A Place of Healing and Growth

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Values: Compassion, Respect, Integrity, Trust

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We Love Dogs!
Silver Willow Farm is a haven for dogs.
A place where they can run, play, be with other dogs or be on their own, roll in mud, chew on sticks and bones and just get to be a dog.
Over 10 years ago, we started fostering dogs for the SPCA. We were still interested in traveling and didn’t want to commit to our own dog, but still wanted the joy of having a dog in the house. Soon, we were being asked to foster dogs with issues such as separation anxiety and food aggression. Then we progressed to fostering dogs with more serious issues to rehabilitate them.
Governor was one of these dogs – he would attack people when they entered the room, had food and possession aggression, dog aggression, leash aggression and separation anxiety. To top it all off, he peed every time he got excited. Needless to say, he had issues. But these issues stemmed from 4 different owners before us trying to use aggressive training methods to force the bad behaviour out of him. They never thought that all his aggression could be from fear, and so used methods based on fear. Not surprisingly, it didn’t work.  
Using patience, leadership, and understanding, we slowly worked to rehabilitate Governor. After several months, the SPCA knew that while he was improved, he could never be adopted to the general public. We were told we could adopt him, or he would be sent back to Animal Control. We decided to keep him. Today, he loves playing fetch with kids, is good with other dogs when introduced correctly, and lets us do anything to him. He still has concerns with strangers and definitely still holds some of the fear that he learned all those years ago, but he trusts us. And that trust allows us to manage him. 
Although it wasn't always easy, working with Governor taught us a lot about what a dog needed to feel emotionally, mentally and physically safe. All our dog services are based on the knowledge that Governor has given us.
Are you are looking for a kennel to watch you dog while you are out of town?
Maybe you just need help teaching Fido to follow the family rules.
Here at Silver Willow Farm, we know how to make your dog happy and tired. And everyone knows, a happy, tired dog is a GOOD dog!
Mobile: (905)517-6859

40 Irvine Road   York, ON  N0A 1R0