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Values: Compassion, Respect, Integrity, Trust

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Dog Boarding
Are you going on vacation?
Feeling guilty about kenneling your dog?

Lose the guilt and send your dog on vacation as well!

Here at Silver Willow Farm, your dog stays in the house like one of the family, not in a small cage with a concrete run attached. And they get hours of exercise every day.
Do they like other dogs? Then they get to play with them.
Do they prefer to be alone? We respect that too.  
And we only take a maximum of 3 clients at a time, so everyone gets the attention they deserve.  
Boarding Prices
Daily: $35
Weekly: $210 (includes bath)
Bath: $20
Nails: $10
Bath and Nails: $25
Owner is responsible for providing food during the stay.
Dog Training
When your dog boards with us, they are in a home environment, so you will also have the added bonus that Fido will receive basic training during his stay.
However, we also specialize in working with more serious issues such as aggression, separation anxiety, or overall doggy boot camp to give you a reliable companion.
Our methods are non-aggressive, but do not rely on treat bribery.
Are you struggling to get the results you want?
Let us help!
Training Price
$300 weekly - Minimum 3 week stay
Includes one lesson per week with the owner to ensure they are able to maintain consistent training with the dog after the visit.
Owner is responsible for providing food during the stay.
Mobile: (905)517-6859

40 Irvine Road   York, ON  N0A 1R0