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Bio-Ag Farm and Animal Supplies

Throughout their first 7 years on the farm, Taylor experimented with different ways to help her animals and crops reach full health. What she consistently found was that the addition of kelp and natural rock salt to the diet of her animals and to her garden soil made significant differences into their health and resistance to disease and parasites. The results have been so dramatic that we became sellers of Bio-Ag products.

Although we are happy to order any Bio-Ag products you are interested in, we will keep the following on hand: 

Kelp: leave it free choice for all your animals. 

Diatomaceous Earth: a natural flea and lice treatment for your animals and aphid killer in your garden. Food grade - safe to eat. 

Redmond Natural Trace Mineral Salt: mined salt rich in trace minerals. 

Apple CIder Vinegar: good both inside and out - add it to feed daily or mix it into natural bug repellent for a shiny coat

   Redman NTMS  
Dehydrated Garlic
Flax Meal (by order)
500 gram
1 kg
5 kg
10 kg
(12.5 kg)
25 kg


We can custom mix package sizes at your request. 


Mobile: (905)517-6859

40 Irvine Road   York, ON  N0A 1R0