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Available for Adoption
Silver Willow Farm is an Animal Rescue and Sanctuary with a difference. We only take a small number of animals at a time. This ensures a couple important things:
  1. Dogs and cats can live in the house with us, not in small cages and kennels.
  2. We really get to know the animals we are looking to rehome to make sure the match is perfect.
  3. Animals receive love and care, but also training until they are able to be rehomed.
We also do a few other things differently:
  1. We help our rescues reach full health through natural methods, not harsh drugs. Sometimes it takes longer, but the results are worth the wait.
  2. Our adoption fee includes spaying/neutering, and a pet starter kit (varies depending on the type of animal.)
  3. With the adoption of any horse or dog, we include 4 training lessons with the new adoptive parent.
Adoption fees are negotiable to the right home if finances are a concern. 
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For Adoption
Minerva - 2013 Female Goat

Minerva was born on our farm premature. She and her mother Gimpy and sister Mystique lived in the house for her few weeks of life to protect them from the cold. Her mother Gimpy did a great job nursing her babies back to health. In May of this year, we lost Gimpy and Mystique to coyotes.
Because she was premature, Minerva is tiny. She should not be bred, as it may put her health in danger. However, with our set up, there is no way to keep Minerva away from the billy, who gets to live with his family.
Minerva is very sweet. She knows her name and loves to be scratched and give kisses. She would make a wonderful pet.
Her adoption fee is $75.

Lilly - 2 year old Pot Belly Pig

Lilly is a big sweet girl. Her previous owner lived in downtown Hamilton. The breeder assured him she would stay small and that pigs were very easy to train. Lilly is well over 110 lbs, and although smart, she is also stubborn. 
She came to us with over grown feet - pigs are very vocal when they don't like what you are doing, making it difficult to trim her feet in the city without neighbours calling animal control. However, out in the country, she screamed to her hearts content as we quickly trimmed her nails. 
Lilly also came to us with house training issues. We are currently training her, but for this reason, she is probably better suited to living a life in a riding stable where she can eat spilled grain and enjoy the warmth of her own stall with lots of bedding. 
Lilly loves company and would not do well isolated without company. She likes to cuddle and enjoys a good snack. She also likes to go for walks with you. 
Adoption Fee: $150
Milou - 2 year old West Highland Terrier (Westie)

Milou came to us on February 15, 2014. He is only 2, but we are his 9th home. Originally from Quebec, he was brought to Ontario by AARF Rescue when his number was up at the shelter in Quebec. They fostered him with some trainers and found him an adoptive home, but Milou's aggression was too much. He was returned to the rescue, and the foster family didn't want to take him back. At a loss, AARF reached out to the community and we connected. 
Milous is very dominant, but has been trained with harsh methods, so is also fearful. We have worked with him to teach him to give warning, be more trusting and to respect boundaries. We have also taught him that we will respect his - he is not a lap dog. He's really a 120 lb Shepherd in a 15 lb body. 
He loves to play and can be an absolutely adorable goof when the mood takes him (and the happier and more confident he becomes, the more we are seeing this side of him.) He will need a home with experienced dog owners, particularly owners with experience with terrier-type breeds. 
Adoption Fee: $400 (Include 5 lessons instead of the regular 3). 
Meeka (20 Year Old Shire) and Apache (15 Year Old Appy) - Must Go Together!

Meeka is sound for light riding (no soundness issues, but she is 20 years old). She was used as a therapy riding horse for children with Down Syndrome at her previous home. She is a kind, gentle horse with a sweet demeanor and great ground manners. 
Apache is in the prime of her life at 15 years old. She is sound to ride, but requires a confident rider - she is a forward horse. With a consistent, gentle rider, she will settle beautifully. 
Meeka and Apache are strongly bonded and must go together. 
Adoption Fee: $1500 for the pair.
Successful Adoptions
Roxy - 11 Year Old Jack Russell
Roxy came to us in the fall of 2012 with several behavioural and emotional issues. She would bite children, fight with other dogs, would not come when she was called, had accidents daily in the house (both number 1 and number 2), she wouldn't let you touch her legs, her back end, her belly and would bite if you tried to trim her nails. She was definitely a dog that needed some work.
By May 2013, we had addressed all of the issues above. While she wouldn't be happy living with kids, she was good with them, and would leave the situation instead of defend herself if she wasn't happy. She was good with other dogs, stopped having accidents and would let us trim her nails. There wasn't a spot on her body we couldn't touch, provided we were respectful.
Roxy met Janet and Barclay at a workshop we were hosting. They brought their other dog to meet her the next week, and then I took Roxy to visit their house. The connection was amazing - Roxy was home.
Here is a message from Janet one week in: "Things are going extremely well.  We’ve exposed her to so many situations...babies, children, dogs, etc. and she is so calm through everything. People comment on how calm she is all the time. She doesn’t retreat – she participates. You would be proud. We took her to the Dog Spot today for a little rain jacket and she’s a good little shopper. Picked two new toys for herself. She can run off-leash at the green space across from our house and she enjoys the children’s appreciation of her “awesomeness” as she catches her ball and sits, high-fives, etc. It’s hard to believe it’s only been a week. Just wanted you to know that she’s doing well...such a little trooper and so smart. She knows she’s in a good place...after being in a good place."
21 year old Thoroughbred Mirlyn 
Mirlyn came to us  on November 23, 2012 underweight and malnourished, with a severe case of rain rot and scratches, and feet in terrible condition. His tail was breaking and damaged because of the lack of nutrients. He had diarrhea, worms and was overall run down.
During his time here, he received Healthy Horse to help him detox and to improve his immunity, ParaX to get rid of the worms, Biotic8 to help improve his gut function and GastricFX to sooth his belly. He also received Vantiox and MineralEQ to help restore the vitamins he was missing.
On May 17, 2013, he went to his new forever home. In those 6 months, he went from this . . . .
to this . . . .

Nala - 4 Year Old Collie/Shepherd Cross
Nala came to us in the summer of 2013. She was adopted in December 2013. She is a VERY smart dog, but was at risk of being put down when we found out about her. She had begun biting people and the rescue she was with couldn't handle her. What led her to be aggressive? Her owner passed away unexpectedly at 33. His brother took her in for a short time, then he decided to go back to school. Nala was then dropped off with the mother of the boys, who didn't want her and kept her locked out in the yard which happened to be attached to a school. She wa then taken to another rescue. They housed her until a foster home came up. The foster home had some problems with her and refused to keep her. The rescue had no other place for her, as well as lacking the skill set to work with a dog with Nala's particular needs. We connected and offered to help rehabilitate Nala.

It took us several months of work to help Nala become a safe, sound dog. But the work paid off. Nala was adopted by a wonderful couple. They understand her unique needs and provide her with a home where she can flourish. I went to visit at the 2 week mark, and she was so happy and relaxed. She knows that she has been placed with the family that she was meant to. 

Cookie - Adult (over 6 years old) Persian Cross

Cookie is a very sweet adult Persian cat. She and another cat were given to a man with developmental delays. He could not provide them with the care they needed. The one cat went missing before we were able to step in and rescue Cookie. 
Cookie is a very loving girl. She is living in a wonderful home with a heated bed, automatic feeder and people to love and pet her. 
Mobile: (905)517-6859

40 Irvine Road   York, ON  N0A 1R0